We make

podcasts you can feel.

This isn’t paint-by-numbers. This is custom sonic craftsmanship from the best-trained audio soundsmiths in the world. We deliver personal, powerful auteur experiences… in audio form. We even coined the phrase, “a movie for your ears.”

We craft

unparalleled experiences.

They give goosebumps, earn ★★★★★-star listener ratings, and win awards. Audio storytelling is ever-evolving, and we live to push boundaries and create new experiences. Our tailor-made end-to-end approach means you won’t find better production anywhere else — from voice talent to foley, action sound, environmental design, loop and original music. Learn more

Some of our recent work:

Tribeca 2022 Official Selection — The Big Lie

Ambies Nominee for Podcast of the Year — Blockbuster

Learn more about Blockbuster at GetBlockbuster.com

Adweek Creative Podcast of the Year — Blockbuster

Learn more about Blockbuster at GetBlockbuster.com

Films — Score: A Film Music Documentary

Score A Film Music Documentary
Learn more about Score: A Film Music Documentary at score-movie.com

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